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An IRS audit is a dreaded formality that an individual or business hope that they do not have to deal with in their lifetime. Unfortunately, the complexity of the Tax Code and tax laws can lead to unsatisfactory tax filing and can force the IRS to make an unwelcome stop at your doorstep. In these instances, hiring a professional tax service like Omni TTT to provide IRS audit representation is essential to guarantee you that you have the best possible representation on your side.

At Omni TTT, we have successfully provided tax audit representation to hundreds of satisfied clients. Our diverse services allow us to handle the auditing needs of individual taxpayers, corporations, estates, trusts, and partnerships. We’re federally licensed to represent any individual or business within all 50 states. While preparation and representation are the two main parts of our services, we also work to advise you and keep you constantly updated on the process.

Not only do we have a great deal of experience working with clients in Elizabeth, NJ on their tax auditing needs, but we also go through over 20 hours of education each year to be sure that we’re fully aware of any changes to tax laws. The always-changing tax laws can be very difficult to understand and work through if you’re not exposed to them on a regular basis. Our continuing education and experienced staff makes handling your IRS audit representation as smooth of a process as possible.

If you feel that you or your business may be audited in the near future, be sure to call our office so we can thoroughly inform you about exactly what the process entails. Don’t let an audit from the IRS turn your year into a nightmare. Let Omni TTT and our IRS audit representation services work for you!