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There aren’t many annual events more stressful than preparing your taxes. Fortunately, tax professionals like Omni TTT can help provide affordable...
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Nobody works harder to save small business owners time than the bookkeeping professionals at Omni TTT.

Welcome to Omni TTT

Understanding the tax preparation process can be both irritating and confusing. While there are several different types of software that claim to make tax and income tax preparation easy, they don’t have the ability to deliver the type of personalized service that guarantees a maximum refund. Omni TTT, on the other hand, is able to deliver that type of service.

Are you having trouble helping your accountant understand the uniqueness of your business or personal tax situation? At Omni TTT, we understand that everybody’s situation is different. We utilize a personalized service that involves an initial courtesy interview in order to allow us to develop a deeper understanding of your specific tax situation. We’ve provided personalized service tax/income tax preparation and bookkeeping services for hundreds of clients, and we can do the same for you.

Our main services include tax preparation, bookkeeping, and IRS audit representation, although we also offer income tax preparation and tax refund preparation services. Offering convenient and affordable services for business owners is a big part of what we do as well. We provide tax solutions for small businesses that include small business bookkeeping, business tax preparation, and tax audit representation. It should be noted that we offer 10% off of all our tax preparation services for all new clients.

While we mainly focus our tax preparation and bookkeeping services towards clients in Elizabeth, NJ and the surrounding areas, we’re fully licensed to provide tax services for all 50 states. Our slogan is, “Maximizing your refund while eliminating your risk,” and we do everything in our power to make that happen. Give us a call and speak to our of our friendly and knowledgeable tax preparers about what Omni TTT can do for you!